Blooming Card

A dear friend got a new job that involved a move several hours away. Yippee for her. Selfishly, boo for me. She’s awesome and fun, and I miss her. But I am so excited for her and this next step on her journey. It was something she wanted, and so far, it is giving her lots of opportunity. Right after she moved, I made her a card of encouragement. She’s gotten it, so I can share it now. It started with a doodle. Then I added watercolor. (Yes, I use children’s watercolors. They work.) Then I added slight additions with gel pens. What do you think?

Card 1 RTF

Card 2 RTF

Card 3 by Relish the Feast

Happy drawing!


DIY Dog Bed

DIY Dog Bed by Relish the FeastThere are some things that might be worth the money. After making Lola’s new dog bed, I realized this might be one of those things. I spent zero dollars, but logged more hours than anticipated. During the period when I was making it, I went to at least three stores that carried dogs beds, ranging in price from $25-40 for a comparable size. If I had to do it over, I would probably opt to purchase. I am, however, pretty proud each time she settles into her new bed, knowing that I was able to create it myself from scraps. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

If you’re feeling crazy or broke, here’s how to make one for your dog.


  • Foam. I used an old mattress topper and cut two identical pieces to ensure it would have enough cushion.
  • Enough fabric to cover the foam. I used a shower curtain and an old pair of pants.
  • Thread
  • Buttons


  • Be stubborn. This will give you the willpower to trudge through your eventual errors.
  • Cut the foam to size.
  • Cut fabric & sew. The better your measurements, the less headache you cause yourself later. This was my fatal error. (That and my limited knowledge of sewing.) The shower curtain I used seemed thin, so I double layered the fabric. Stupidly, I cut it instead of simply folding. Extra sewing. Then I smartly folded it to cover the top, back and bottom. I cut two side panels from the pants. A mistake while pinning caused one side to be too short. Extra sewing for patch. The foam was thicker than my original plan, so I also added a front panel. Extra sewing. Once done, you should have pouch-type thing.
  • Slide foam into the pouch thing.
  • Add buttons to connect front and top panels. If you’re not using a shower curtain, this will be harder. Consider stitching it all the way up. Hoses make great outdoor washing machines after all.
  • Sit back and admire your work. Remember, dogs don’t care about perfection. They love you and sleeping.

DIY Dog Bed error Collage

Happy crafting!


DIY – Patriotic Door Decoration

Patriotic Door Hanger from Relish the Feast

The Fourth of July is nearly here, and that means red, white & blue everywhere. On Pinterest, I saw this cute decoration, which inspired me to update my front door. Using that as the inspriation, I made this simple DIY using items I had in the house, which = free! Total time spent: less than an hour. #winning (Is that still a thing? Probably not.)

What you’ll need:

  • A wooden dowel, stick, rod of some kind, roughly 1.5 feet in length. (I really wanted to use a stick from the woods, but we’ve had rain every day. Wet stick = no bueno for crafting. I used an extra paint stirrer that I had around.)
  • Variety of scrap fabric/ribbon/etc. in red, white and blue
  • Drill (optional)
  • Red, white and/or blue paint (optional)


  • Drill a hole on each end of your stick where the ribbon hanger will attach. This is optional. The alternate option will be to tie the hanger all the way around the stick in order to hang it.
  • Paint the stick. Again, optional. My stick color was boring, so I painted it. If you are painting your stick, wait until it is dry to attach the fabric/ribbon/etc.
  • Cut the red and white fabric/ribbon/etc. into strips that are about 2 feet in length. No need to be exact.
  • Cut the blue fabric/ribbon/etc. into strips that are about 1 foot in length.
  • Attached the strips of fabric/ribbon/etc. to the stick, staying inside the drill holes or point where you’ll attach the hanger. Alternate red and white along the length of the stick. Only do blue on the left third. That’s your field of blue like the flag. I looped the strips through themselves and tugged until they were tight. For the small, shiny ribbon, I had to tie a knot to secure it. (Alternately, you could cut your blue strips the same length as the red and white ones and only use blue on the left third. Get creative!)

Ties for hanger - Relish the Feast

  • Cut an extra strip of fabric/ribbon/etc. to use for the hanger. Slide one end through each of the holes and tie a knot on the backside to keep the hanger from slipping out of the hole. (If you didn’t drill holes, just tie the strip onto your stick.)
  • Hang it up and celebrate the Fourth in style.

Back tie for hanger - Relish the Feast

Enjoy! If you make one for your home, I’d love to see it. Share it with me (@relishthefeast) on Instagram.