DIY Dog Bed

DIY Dog Bed by Relish the FeastThere are some things that might be worth the money. After making Lola’s new dog bed, I realized this might be one of those things. I spent zero dollars, but logged more hours than anticipated. During the period when I was making it, I went to at least three stores that carried dogs beds, ranging in price from $25-40 for a comparable size. If I had to do it over, I would probably opt to purchase. I am, however, pretty proud each time she settles into her new bed, knowing that I was able to create it myself from scraps. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

If you’re feeling crazy or broke, here’s how to make one for your dog.


  • Foam. I used an old mattress topper and cut two identical pieces to ensure it would have enough cushion.
  • Enough fabric to cover the foam. I used a shower curtain and an old pair of pants.
  • Thread
  • Buttons


  • Be stubborn. This will give you the willpower to trudge through your eventual errors.
  • Cut the foam to size.
  • Cut fabric & sew. The better your measurements, the less headache you cause yourself later. This was my fatal error. (That and my limited knowledge of sewing.) The shower curtain I used seemed thin, so I double layered the fabric. Stupidly, I cut it instead of simply folding. Extra sewing. Then I smartly folded it to cover the top, back and bottom. I cut two side panels from the pants. A mistake while pinning caused one side to be too short. Extra sewing for patch. The foam was thicker than my original plan, so I also added a front panel. Extra sewing. Once done, you should have pouch-type thing.
  • Slide foam into the pouch thing.
  • Add buttons to connect front and top panels. If you’re not using a shower curtain, this will be harder. Consider stitching it all the way up. Hoses make great outdoor washing machines after all.
  • Sit back and admire your work. Remember, dogs don’t care about perfection. They love you and sleeping.

DIY Dog Bed error Collage

Happy crafting!



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