Recipe Review – White Bean and Radish Salad

I have a  large magazine collection/pile. When they arrive, crisp and new in my mailbox, the excitement is palpable. A big smile spreads across my face as I hustle Lola home because NEW MAGAZINE! I must read it. NOW!

We scurry up the stairs. She’s hungry. Food. Done. Out of water, too? I’ll fix that. Ball time? No ball time. Well, maybe a little. Let me set this stuff down for a second. … and … and … and … sleep.

The magazine gets forgotten, eventually moved into the cabinet, lost in the pile. I retrieve it weeks, months or years later. That’s what happened with the May 2013 issue of Bon Appetit. It has now been salvaged, scrutinized and scrapped, with delicious recipes, like this White Bean and Radish Salad, ripped out and saved. Let the review begin!

White Bean and Radish Salad Review by Relish the Feast

The good:

  • Yums, yums, yums. Bright and hearty, making it an all-season dish in my book.
  • A surprisingly small portion will fill you up.
  • Pretty healthy.

The could be better:

  • I forgot to add the scallions and olives. I was also heavy-handed with the sauce. I see this all as room for improvement.
  • As expected, three cans of beans is a whole lot of beans. If you don’t have a large family or are not attending a potluck, I’d cut the recipe by ⅓. I ate this for many more days than I wanted.
  • This might be me-specific, but I wanted more crispness. The radishes provided some, but the overarching mouthfeel was more mushy than I like in a cold salad. I’d add more to the dish for extra snap, slices carrots or celery perhaps.

Overall assessment: Try it! I’ll definitely make it again. It was different from a lot of what I cook, making it a welcome addition to my table.




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