Cosplay: Steampunk March Hare Concept

2014 DragonCon photo by Wade Bishop Photography

DragonCon, a convention similar to Comic-Con that takes place around Labor Day each year in Atlanta, is a mere 3 months away. It’s a crazy jumble of experiences that I highly recommend if you enjoy people-watching, creativity and/or costuming. (Or sci-fi, comics, fantasy, steampunk, anime, gaming, alternate history, space, robotics, etc., etc., etc.) Describing it succinctly and wholly is a monumental task, so Google it for yourself.

2014 DragonCon Outfits with Relish the Feast

This will be my second year attending. For a newbie last year, I think I set my bar high by agreeing to create 2 costumes. My takeaway from that? Totally worth it. Totally fun. Totally need to start making the things earlier. Ideally, I would already be constructing something or done with an outfit; however, I only recently drew out my concept for 1 of the 2 cosplay outfits I plan to wear this year. (That’s me as Kaylee from Firefly and as Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreak It Ralph.)

Steampunk March Hare Concept by Relish the Feast

This is my initial concept drawing for one of this year’s outfits: a female steampunk March Hare from Alice in Wonderland. The color palate will include maroons, oranges, browns, gold and blue. Starting at the top, let’s dissect.

  • Jaunty ears
  • Headband of straw (an homage to the original work where the March Hare was depicted with straw on his head which was a sign of madness in that time)
  • Large silky bow tie
  • Faux metal, ornamental collar
  • Necklace TBD
  • Short sleeve button up most likely
  • Corset
  • Crop jacket with half sleeves and ruffled
  • Spoon bracelets
  • Skirt with a poofy longer back
  • Weapons belt with ladle and tea cup
  • Tall socks
  • Lace up boots that hit mid-calf

Wish me luck! I am not an experienced seamstress, but I can follow directions and love a good YouTube tutorial. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot during this process, and I’ll be scouring area thrift stores to see what I can find to save some time and effort. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Enjoy! Mad thanks to Wade Bishop Photography for letting me use some of his images in this post!



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