I’m back!

Lola Bark

(Lola telling me to get back to cooking.)

After a late summer blog break, I’m back! During my absence, the ideas were flowing, but the writing was lacking. My loyal readers (a.k.a. my mom and brother – hi, guys!) were asking for new content. My brother even gave me an entire list of post ideas built around a theme – talk about encouragement and support! What did I do with it? Stared at it. A lot. I’m staring at it now. It’s good. I should use it, do something with those ideas of his.

Chim Reminants 1

The doing though has been the hold up for me lately. I got lazy, and I got tired, and I got busy, and I got scared of taking a risk and putting my thoughts, ideas and words out into the ether.

Truthfully, I read WAY too many blogs, and there are people doing thought-provoking, beautiful, creative things across a variety of platforms and fields out there. In my mind, I am comparing myself to these well-established sites, instead of just being me. Where they are though is not where I’m at. This is definitely not my job; I have two of those already. This, for me, is supposed to be fun, an outlet, a place to share.

Flowers 1

When I review my favorite blogs, they’re not all big names. Yes, some of them are, but not all of them. My favorite reads online are the ones who are themselves, the ones who speak their mind (and no, I don’t always agree with their points of view, but I’m happy they have one), the ones who open up and are venerable and interesting and creative and fun. And that’s what I am going to strive for – individuality. I hope to bring you that and more very soon.

Lola Pizza mmm

Thanks for still reading, and check back soon as I get back to more regular posting. Some things in the hopper include a recipe review, some fun products I’ve been enjoying lately, a resolution update and some get to know me stuff. I hope you enjoy!