Watch, Read, Eat, Deed

If you’re new here, this is my weekly snippet of things I’m watching, reading, eating and doing. Check back for a new list every Sunday!

Watch: My Five Wives 


I don’t know what it is, but if there is a show about polygamy on TV, I’ll probably watch at least one episode…then I get sucked in and watch the whole season. The intro to this show doesn’t lie though; they really seem to love each other, which is so nice to see – on TV or in life.

Read: Yoga Journal 

Yoga Journal

This was Mom’s birthday gift. I read it before wrapping it (no worries, I told her I did), but I also forgot the present on the table when I went to her house. Thankfully, her copy had already arrived!

Eat: Pancakes at the beach

Beach Pancakes

Fact: Pancakes taste better under a palm tree. =)

Deed: Seasonal closet switch-out 


I went through the entire closet, switching out my fall/winter items for my spring/summer items, and managed to fill three bags for the donation bin in the process. Whoa.

 Enjoy your week!



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