Watch, Read, Eat, Deed

Welcome to the second installment of Watch, Read, Eat, Deed. If you missed last week’s post, this is my attempt at creating a weekly series. Here’s hoping I keep it up! Watch for a new post every Sunday.

Watch:  Despicable Me. It was on TV, so I watched…for like the 10th time. It always brings a smile.


Read:  Blogs upon blogs upon blogs. I swear by Bloglovin to corral them all. Three I especially loved this week were Today is Going to be Awesome, Girl’s Gone Child and Epbot.

Eat:  Grilled asparagus. My brother made this version when I visited; it’s topped with a balsamic reduction and parm. I recreated it this week but overcooked the asparagus a bit.

asparagus from relish the feast

Deed:  Making superhero capes…for adults =)

Capes from Relish the Feast

Enjoy your week!



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