Watch, Read, Eat, Deed

Welcome to my first weekly series: Watch, Read, Eat, Deed. The goal: Share one thing each week that I’m watching, reading, eating and, well, doing. I might switch it up from time to time with a Need or a Creed (something I want or an inspiring message). Watch for it every Sunday (I hope)!

Watch: Face Off


This show is amazing. Yes, it’s a reality contest show, but it is so unlike all the others I’ve seen. The lack of drama is refreshing. The competitors are respectful and encouraging to one another. They seem to really enjoy themselves, and the things they create are amaze-balls. The amount of creativity packed into every episode always energizes and excites me. It airs on Tuesdays on SyFy at 9 p.m. EST. It’s nearing the end of the season, so check it out now!

Read: Woman’s Day Magazine, April 2014 edition


Ok, this isn’t the typical magazine someone my age reads, but it is pretty good. It offers easy, practical, accessible ideas for normal people. I would have finished this issue already, but it fell behind the couch. I found it while fishing a picture out that I accidentally knocked off the wall while swatting a mosquito that had flown in. Oops.

Eat: Chocolate bars that I keep hidden in the fruit crisper


Now you know where I keep my stash. After a week of vacation that included ice cream and floats most days, my sweet tooth is front and center.

Deed: Hot yoga

Travelling made me so stiff! Hot yoga was the trick to loosening me up. It felt good to sweat, twist, stretch and bend. Love your body and take it to a class near you. Yay for yoga! Sorry for not having a pic. It’s hard to get a good selfie while sweating in dancer’s pose. (jk, yoga is a cell phone free space for me)

Enjoy your week!



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