Watch, Read, Eat, Deed

If you’re new here, this is my weekly snippet of things I’m watching, reading, eating and doing. Check back for a new list every Sunday!

Watch: My Five Wives 


I don’t know what it is, but if there is a show about polygamy on TV, I’ll probably watch at least one episode…then I get sucked in and watch the whole season. The intro to this show doesn’t lie though; they really seem to love each other, which is so nice to see – on TV or in life.

Read: Yoga Journal 

Yoga Journal

This was Mom’s birthday gift. I read it before wrapping it (no worries, I told her I did), but I also forgot the present on the table when I went to her house. Thankfully, her copy had already arrived!

Eat: Pancakes at the beach

Beach Pancakes

Fact: Pancakes taste better under a palm tree. =)

Deed: Seasonal closet switch-out 


I went through the entire closet, switching out my fall/winter items for my spring/summer items, and managed to fill three bags for the donation bin in the process. Whoa.

 Enjoy your week!


Social Food: Chocolate Dulce de Leche Bread

Choc Dulce de Leche Bread

My sister-in-law loves dulce de leche more than I do, which is impressive. While visiting recently, I made us all the World’s Sexiest Pie. Because I didn’t look at the recipe like a sane cook, I didn’t know if I needed 1 or 2 cans of toffee. I made 2 but only used 1. My SIL snacked on the other can over the next couple of days. There was just enough left though to try this delicious treat I saw on Pinterest. Enter Chocolate Dulce de Leche Bread. For the record, calling this “bread” is a lie. Mine was drier, bread-shaped cake. Delicious drier, bread-shaped cake.



Watch, Read, Eat, Deed

Three weeks! Uh oh, Series; I think I’ve got you down. If you’re new here, Watch, Read, Eat, Deed is my weekly snippet of things I’m watching, reading, eating and doing. Check back for a new list every Sunday!

Watch: Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump Movie Poster

This must have been airing on repeat this week because I think I saw a different part of it every day when flipping channels. It is, however, one of my favorite movies, so I’d always stop and watch for a while.

Read: Does Pinterest count?


Eat: Like a college student


I missed going to the grocery last weekend and have been busy after work nearly every night. My major shopping was postponed, and I ate whatever was in the house. Ramen, anyone?

Deed: Rock climbing!

Rock Gym Wall

Because it was Thursday – and happened to be a friend’s birthday – a group of us went rock climbing at the indoor gym. So. Much. Fun! It made me feel like a kid again.

Enjoy your week!


Please feed the bear

Hot yoga is one of my favorite things to do. It makes me feel centered and strong. When I hit up a weekday class though, it puts me home much later than usual and means I’m ravenous like a bear just out of hibernation. Quick, filling-yet-light meals are necessary these nights, especially if I don’t have leftovers in the fridge. This week, I made what I expected to be a tolerable meal – edible but best left out of the recipe bank. Score one for me because it actually turned out delicious! To double-check that it was good and my hungry bear-mind wasn’t playing tricks on me, I ate the leftovers for lunch the next day, and it was still delicious. Confidence boost!

Easy dinner from Relish the Feast

I lightly sautéed sweet peppers and ham deli meat in a pan with plain leftover noodles. I added three big spoons of pesto (store-bought). I used a grill pan for some asparagus that I topped with a balsamic glaze (store-bought), sliced kalamata olives and Gorgonzola. Altogether, it took 15 minutes to prepare. To spare my dignity, I’ll just let you guess how long it took to eat. 😉

Enjoy and experiment! You could surprise yourself.


Watch, Read, Eat, Deed

Welcome to the second installment of Watch, Read, Eat, Deed. If you missed last week’s post, this is my attempt at creating a weekly series. Here’s hoping I keep it up! Watch for a new post every Sunday.

Watch:  Despicable Me. It was on TV, so I watched…for like the 10th time. It always brings a smile.


Read:  Blogs upon blogs upon blogs. I swear by Bloglovin to corral them all. Three I especially loved this week were Today is Going to be Awesome, Girl’s Gone Child and Epbot.

Eat:  Grilled asparagus. My brother made this version when I visited; it’s topped with a balsamic reduction and parm. I recreated it this week but overcooked the asparagus a bit.

asparagus from relish the feast

Deed:  Making superhero capes…for adults =)

Capes from Relish the Feast

Enjoy your week!