February Report

I set 4 easy resolutions for 2014. How am I doing? So kind of you to ask.

February Report on Relish the Feast

  1. Create 50 blog posts: In February, I published 3 posts. It was a short month, but I still feel like that’s a sucky number. Look for more in March.
  2. Read 10 books: I finished book #2, “Super Freakonomics” by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner. I’m trying to save my reviews for the end of the year, but, quickly, this book (and its predecessor, Freakonomics) is a page turner. It’s informative and highly entertaining. All textbook writers should try to emulate this style. I would have left a lot less drool in those books if the information was presented like this. As for book #3, I am about 5 pages into it but fear my library renewals will run out before I’m done. All told, 2 officially down, 8 to go.
  3. 1 new place: I took a day trip to a little seaside town about 2 hours from my place. I had driven through but never stopped. I’ll count it as a half.
  4. 1 new thing: I started a metal tape craft project. I’ve never worked with metal tape before and am pleased with the results so far. Once the right shade of craft paint is added to age/dinge the shine a bit, the piece will be done.

How are you progressing with your resolutions?



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