Chocolate Caramel Popcorn

caramel popcorn from relish the feast

I made chocolate caramel popcorn. Sounds delish, right? Pinterest had me all geeked up for this sweet, buttery snack. The couch was prepped; the movie was selected. I hit the kitchen to prepare the evening’s centerpiece.

It started off pretty good. The popcorn popped in the microwave and didn’t burn. Orville has his shit together. #win

I emptied the popcorn onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and gave it a little shake to even it all out.

On the stove, I put a handful of caramels into a pot and turned the heat on medium-low. The caramels melted easily into a glossy, molasses-like liquid (despite my screw up of adding a little peanut oil). It drizzled beautifully onto the popped popcorn. #win

drizzle from relish the feast

The chocolate landed in the pot to begin its journey to mouth via popcorny goodness. Within 30 seconds, it revolted and began to half melt, half burn. I tried hard to save it – adding a little peanut oil (this was the moment for it) and pulling it off the stove as soon as it was melted.

chocolate fail from relish the feast

Despite being “melted,” it refused to drizzle. It glopped onto the popcorn like cow paddies in a yellow field. Once incorporated via some quasi-stirring, quasi-folding, it also refused to re-solidify. I attempted to eat my Chocolate Caramel Popcorn, but finally, I just threw in the chocolate covered towel. It sucked, plain and simple. Don’t let the picture fool you. #failblog

Choc Caramel Popcorn from Relish the Feast

Back to the drawing board for movie snacks.



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