I’m Changing My Religion to Burger

Burger-Fi Review from Relish the Feast

This past week, I ate at Burger-Fi for the first time. I don’t know if it was the fact that I’d (a) spent the previous 5 hours outside in near freezing temperature, (b) missed breakfast, (c) only ingested a coffee from the gas station up to that point and (d) walked roughly 6 miles… but …eating my Burger-Fi cheeseburger with added grilled onions and a side of the largest onion rings I’ve ever seen was seriously a religious experience. I got lost in this meal. Joy filled my brain with every bite. My co-workers were sitting all around me, and I maybe heard a dozen words they said the whole meal. I was in my own little beef and onion bubble.

I asked for a single, and they gave me a double, so win from the start. The patties were juicy. The cheese was gooey. The lettuce was crisp and fresh. The onions added a nice touch. There was a slice of  tomato on it, too, which was fine. It didn’t add much, except good color. The bun was yummy, and they sear “Burger” on it, which is a fun touch. As you can see, mine must have been a texting burger because not all the letters showed up. =)

And the onion rings. OMG the onions rings. They were the biggest ones I’ve ever seen. The beer batter was crispy, crunchy, well seasoned. The onions inside were the right amount of cooked – not underdone at all and not a mushy mess. They were a little greasy, which is a good thing with onion rings.

I wasn’t sure about reviewing a restaurant, but during this meal, I was having a religious experience. I don’t like burgers all that much, but on this day, I was a convert.



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