The Sans Shopping Gift List

Christmas Tree from Relish the Feast

Right before Christmas, the majority of the population seems to have a collective freak out. There are people everywhere, and everyone seems stressed doing their “last minute” purchases. Personally, if you get everything done before heading to Midnight Mass, then you’re ahead of the game. Last minute to me would be trying to get something on Christmas Day. (Side note: Should you find yourself in that position, write down what you intend to give the person. Put it in an envelope. Put it under the tree. Bonus points if you hid the envelope and send them on an elaborate scavenger hunt to find it.) I have in the past finished & wrapped presents on Christmas Day, some after we had already begun unwrapping presents. No shame.

Anyway, if you’re stumped about what the cook in your life (or any of your loved ones) might like, here are some easy suggestions that you can (most likely) create without a trip to the store.

  • Wine, beer or that half-finished bottle of liquor in the back of your pantry (Pour it into a rinsed out jam jar, add something to flavor it like fresh fruit and dress it up with a pretty ribbon & note.)
  • Small collection of your favorite recipes in your own handwriting (or typed nicely if you write like a doctor)
  • Your grandmother’s famous [insert dish here]
  • A piece of original food-themed art
  • An offer to do the dishes for … a week? 2? The longer the better.

If you choose to give, remember it’s the thought that counts. Gifts are an added bonus to having you in their life.

Happy holidays!



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