SSS Sauce

In every kitchen – from that of a homemaker to that of a college frat boy – you are sure to find a random selection of condiments. Part of my collection of late has included half a jar of fig preserves. It’s delicious. I should have used it right up, but that’s the thing about condiments – they blend in and become part of the landscape. If you’re like me, you kind of stop noticing them. Once I realized that short, shiny thing on the door was in fact filled with still edible delights, I decided to put it to good use. SSS Sauce was born. It’s sweet and salty with a hint of spice.

This sauce was mindlessly easy and went nicely with pork, leftover Indian rice & asparagus.

I mixed roughly 3 tablespoons tamari, 2 heaping spoons of fig preserves and 1 big spoonful of roasted red chili paste in a small, microwave safe bowl. I stirred it and let it sit on the stove top while I looked after the rice to keep it from burning. Once everything was done and plated, I popped the sauce in the microwave for 20 seconds. It was nicely warmed, and the hit of heat helped the ingredients gel together more. I gave it another stir & topped the pork with it. I had a little extra, so I drizzled a bit on the rice, too. It was the perfect finishing touch. These measurements made just enough for two servings.




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