Social Food – Vol. 2

Sandwiches hold a special place in my heart. They can be anything you want them to be – from terribly easy to extremely complex and layered (literally). More importantly though, they are special because of the wonderful memories I have the involve sandwiches.

My brother is the best chef in the family. He should be; he did it for a living. Even when we were little, though, he was the better cook. He was also generous and always up for a trade. He would cook for me if I made him a sandwich. Cue the music of my heart because Best. Trade. Ever. I kid you not, I have handed him cheese on bread; he ate the whole thing, thanked me and then made me something delicious. I got pretty good at making sandwiches because of this deal.

For this and a about a million other reasons, I heart sandwiches. But on to the social part of this post.

If you haven’t read the fluffy part of the news lately (or don’t have feminist friends who post frequently on Facebook), then you might not have heard about the woman making 300 sandwiches in order to get a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. Here’s a link to her blog and NPR’s piece about her if you’d like to catch up.

…caught up? Good.

While a lot of women who shared this story seemed fairly disturbed by it, I wasn’t. For starters, I’m no stranger to the power a sandwich holds when using the barter system. But really, judging from her comments about it, I think it’d be fair to assume his original remark was an off-hand comment / joke. I think it’s awesome she took it and ran with it. Every couple has their own things, and this is one of theirs. If they’re happy, that’s all that matters. Well, that and the quality of the sandwiches being posted on her blog.

For me, a great sandwich needs (1) good bread, (2) good fillings, (3) good textures and (4) good flavors. A truly fantastic sandwich also needs (5) to be made with love. She creatively mixes items for numbers 1-4, and through her effort & writing, the fifth ingredient definitely shines through. If you’re hungry, check out her blog for some sandwich inspiration and start making some memories you will cherish – one sandwich at a time.



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