Eating at my desk

Here’s a dirty little secret: I got really, really bad about eating out for lunches during the workweek years ago because one of my friends/co-workers ate out every. I liked the socialization, so I joined in. Turns out, that’s not a realistic, long-term endeavor for me because:

  1. I’m cheap/have bills I kind of like paying on time, and eating out for lunch every day is expensive.
  2. I’m a decent cook.
  3. The public library is within walking distance of my office, and I like to borrow books & DVDs. Unfortunately, they don’t serve lunch.
  4. Regardless of the rules, I don’t always get a chance to leave my desk for a whole hour during the day to simply do whatever I want to do.

If I know I have an uber busy week coming up, I will try to prepare a bunch of food over the weekend. This past week was one of those weeks, so last weekend, I made a couple different dishes to tide me over for most of my lunches and dinners. Yes, one dish would have sufficed, but I can’t eat the exact same thing for days on end without really killing my taste for it. Here’s the menu I came up with.

  • Cheeseburger pie
  • Ramen with egg and edamame
  • Pizza pockets
  • Leftover curry from a birthday dinner

I’ll be sharing recipes soon! (except for the leftover curry…although my brother made a delicious version of it on vacation that I might be able to pick his brain for…cross your fingers!)



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