Minty Pesto Pizza


My mom came to visit, and while perusing the grocery, we saw fresh 5-grain pizza dough in the bakery. “Let’s make pizza!” Mom said. And we did. And it was delicious. But this post isn’t about that pizza. It’s about the one I made the next day with the second ball of dough after Mom had hit the road home.

Sometimes (most of the time around here), improvisation births the best ideas. (Other times, it creates disgusting messes, but let’s ignore that for the moment.) I had dough, cheese, leftover roasted red onion, a green pepper and red sauce. It would be a great veggie pizza. But the thought of red sauce wasn’t exactly revving my engine. Pesto, however, sounded amaze-balls.

Nevermind that I’ve never made pesto. I’ve eaten it before, watched other people make it and knew the general ingredients. Easy. Except my basil plant looked like I had left it in the Sahara for a week and had no viable leaves. My mint plant on the other hand is defying all logic and growing like an unwanted weed. I pulled off a handful and decided it was a green herb, which is basically the same thing as basil, right?

I threw the leaves in my one-cup blender with a small handful of pine nuts, two dashes of sesame seeds, a smaller handful of walnuts, a pinch of salt, a couple shakes of pepper, two big pinches of shredded parmesan cheese and enough olive oil to make the blender actually blend things. Pesto = done!

From there, it was quick work. Heat the oven. Rub olive oil on the pan. Stretch the dough. Cook at bit (follow package instructions – they’re very helpful). Rub pesto on mostly cooked dough. Top with desired goodies and spots of cheese. Cook another 5-10 minutes and enjoy!



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